Spanish Happy Hour - (Postponed)

Networking mixer for the Chamber and public as we welcome our new Trade Commissioner and Secretary General

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Hong Kong Island, Гонконг
Четверг, 17 Окт (19:00 - 22:00)
Wyndham Street 33

Spanish Marketplace with HKGCC

In collaboration with HKGCC, Spanish October will host a marketplace for the public to experience Spanish gastronomy and culture.

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Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce
Hong Kong Island, Гонконг
Вторник, 15 Окт (17:00 - 20:00)
Queensway 95

How to Pitch and Find Your 1st Investors

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Art Futures Group
Среда, 9 Окт (18:30 - 20:30)
5/F, 8 Wyndham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Spanish Cuisine Celebration with AMHH

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Plaza Mayor
Hong Kong Island, Гонконг
Вторник, 8 Окт (12:00 - 14:00)
Sun Street 4

Spain Means Business 2018 - The Valueholder: The End of the Employee

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Banco Santander, S.A.
Hong Kong Island, Гонконг
Среда, 2 Окт (18:30 - 21:00)
Finance Street 8
Our Aim

The main aim of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong is to promote and increase bilateral relationships between Spain and Hong Kong, offering a wide range of services to support companies in both markets.

Our Mission

– To promote relationships between Hong Kong and Spain.
– To increase the Spanish presence in the area, both economically and socially.
– To develop commercial opportunities for our members, especially between industrial and service sectors.
– To promote and represent our members.
– To boost the existing relationships to improve interaction between Spain and Hong Kong.
– To improve commercial traffic in both directions.